Wedding Bands

Most of us have heard really bad live bands. The kind of band where the crowd either wants to knock themselves out or run kicking and screaming. You want to avoid this experience at your wedding reception. You deserve a quality sound on your special day and we are here to help make sure you get it. Its not like there aren't any quality live bands in the Louisville area, its just finding them that is the real trick. So how do you find the best one for your wedding? We have listed out a few steps and some questions that will help you with the process of finding a great live band for your reception.

There is no substitute for seeing any live band you are considering in person. We almost rank this as a must. Seeing a band live can tell you so many things about whether this is the band for your wedding or not. Obviously, you will be able to hear their sound quality really well by being there in the same room. But you also will be able to see and feel their stage presence and how the crowd reacts to them. Do they give off a great vibe or are they kind of dead in terms of their persona? This should be important to you as you evaluate what they can do or not do for your wedding reception.

One question that a lot of people don't think to ask about is how the band will dress. If you have your own thoughts about how you would like to see them dressed at your wedding, make sure you bring it up at the interview that you setup. If you leave it up to chance, three is no telling what may happen. So get this out of the way. Most bands won't have a problem with it and they shouldn't. Talk to them about your venue and whether they would be willing, if hired, to do a site walk through in order to work out any details. They will want to make sure there are proper electrical sockets for their equipment. If they agree to this, have someone representing the venue there because they can answer any questions the band will have better than you can.

Make sure that you talk about setup. You will want to ask them to get to your venue early in order to get everything setup. The worse situation in the world is to have your band dragging in equipment and creating a disturbance when guests are trying to have a good time. Timing is everything with this. Let your venue know how many band members and how much equipment will be coming so they can arrange for the band to have ample space to setup.

In terms of style, make sure that you look for a band that can play a wide variety of music. This will help keep everybody happy at the reception. If only one style of music is played, you will probably have a lot of guests wanting to leave early and that is not a scene that you want to see played out. Find out if they are alright with your guests making requests. Related to this, will they take requests from you? Will they learn a couple of special songs that you would like to hear? Making sure you are satisfied with how a band handles these issues will lead you to the group for your wedding.

Preferred Vendors

2 Cool Band is Lexington's #1 PARTY band! 2 Cool Band is featured on the Wedding Wire, Event Wire and on The Knot! We are a high-energy dance band specializing in weddings. We play rock, disco, R&B, and Motown and a few old country tunes. One price will cover it all - the band, DJ services, and sound engineer and lights. We will even emcee your event. We put our passion into making live music the most memorable night!If you need live music (like piano) during the ceremony, we can do that too! We have 4 versatile singers and a saxophone. We are flexible and willing to work with you on special circumstances or ideas. We have a "wedding planner" guide to help the bride and groom make decisions too.