Bartenders & Wait Staff

When planning your wedding, you might assume that the catering company you hire or your reception venue will supply a bartender for your guests. Do not assume this. You might need to hire your own professional mobile bartender. And if this is the case, you want the best you can possibly get. There are many great mobile bartenders in the Louisville area. Keep in mind that bartending is not just about pushing a drink in someone's direction, but it is also about personality and about making your guests feel great. And with the good ones, it is also about safety. So, what exactly should you ask any potential mobile bartender that you interview? Well, take a look below and we have provided you with the questions that you will want to get answers to before you make any hiring decisions.

Find out if the candidate is state licensed. This is more important than you probably realize. Venues will not allow an unlicensed bartender to serve alcohol if they are unlicensed. So this is an absolute must. Talk about their experience, we cannot stress how much you should look for someone with a lot of experience. This is not the kind of position for a newbie. And even if they have experience, make sure that it is experience making cocktails. They may have worked in a pub, but that doesn't mean they know a lot about mixed drinks. Test their expertise right on the spot by asking them how to mix a specific drink. Also, talk to them about how much alcohol you will need for your size group.

This will be a great test. Quiz them on how they setup everything. How would they handle drink demands that keep coming fast and furious. How do they keep up with empty glasses and bottles, trash receptacles that are filling up, and supplying glassware. Some people want a signature drink made for their wedding. Ask them if this is within their expertise and how much something like that would cost. If you need to save money, consider offering a special drink instead of a full bar. What will the bartender wear? In terms of safety, ask them how they would handle any guests who drink too much. What have they done in the past with such a situation. And what happens if they can't make it on your wedding day, what is the backup plan? Feel free to bring up your menu items because a good bartender can recommend drinks that complement specific food items.

When you find someone you really like in terms of professionalism, talent and personality, pay for them with a credit card. That way you protect yourself. If something goes wrong, you can possibly get your money back. Also, don't let anyone talk you into anything you do not want or cannot afford. Be open about what budget you have set and stick to it. And make sure that everything is set down in a contract and read very carefully before you sign it. Make sure that every detail you talked about and agreed to was set down in the contract. The only thing left to do at this point is to put down a deposit. Now, you have your very own mobile bartender.