Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is one of the most iconic symbols that exists anywhere. The wedding cake is usually a reflection of someone's personality. While there was a tradition in the past of a vanilla or chocolate multi-layered round cake with a plastic groom and bride on the top, the wedding cake has come a long way in recent years. How important the wedding cake and its design is can only be answered by you. But when you start looking for a cake maker in the Louisville area, we suggest that you use the following guide as a way of booking the cake that will make you smile when you are sitting there staring at it during your reception.

When you meet with any potential cake maker, you want to evaluate the quality they can provide to you for the cost they are going to charge you. The best way to make this kind of evaluation is by asking a series of questions. Go into any meeting you are going to have with a prospective baker with your budget that you have set aside for your cake. You will want to bring this up right away and ask them for suggestions of how you can accomplish what you want within that range.

Talk about how they do their pricing. Do they offer any packages? Are the package prices the total price for everything or are there extra fees for items like delivery or setup? Do they provide any extra services like decorating the cake table, a cake cutting knife, or a cake stand? If you were to hire them as your baker, what kind of deposit would be required? When would the balance be due? Do they provide a written contract that is tailored to your situation? This is all good information to gather for your purposes because the more information you have, the better decision you can make.

Make sure you talk about their experience. How long have they been doing this? Do they make cakes for a lot of weddings? How many weddings have they done in the last year? Ask to look at their portfolio of wedding work. You want to ask for five to six references that they have done wedding cakes for. Make sure you call them and talk about their experience with the cake maker.

Show them some specifics about your wedding like your color scheme, the bride's dress, and the wedding theme. They should be able to create some sample designs or give you some ideas of what they can do for you on the spot. Find out if they can recreate a specific cake that you saw in a magazine or online. Will you be able to do some cake tasting so you can choose a specific taste for your wedding guests? Have a discussion about icing and what they might recommend for your budget. If you are considering fresh flowers on your cake, ask them if they are willing to work with your wedding florist on this aspect? All of the answers provided by each candidate will give you valuable insight into which one gives you the most peace of mind to handle your wedding cake.