Wedding Caterers

With so many important factors to consider in regards to planning your dream wedding, selecting the catering service to supply the cuisine and beverages for the day may seem like one heck of a headache. Meanwhile, you will most likely spend most of your wedding budget on the caterer. It becomes even more crucial to hire a true professional that you can communicate well with, and you can trust will not prepare food that is unsavory or will cause food related illnesses. There are plenty of experienced and highly rated catering services that Louisville has at your convenience.

Ask your family and friends if they've had any luck in the near past, these word of mouth recommendations could do a long way. Consider asking the venue coordinator of the reception hall you have reserved for any referrals that they may have for you. Some venues require or strongly suggest you select your vendors from a list of businesses they have an established rapport with. It is also a good idea to call or go online to the National Association of Catering Executives and the International Caterer's Association, these sources will help direct you to the best professional caterers that specialize in weddings. Do all your research, and gather a list of the best candidates from your efforts. Don't consider anybody that isn't available during your specific dates. If they seem quite busy, we suggest that you do not consider this candidate.

The second step in the process, once you have a good number of appointments booked with potential caters, is to go over curiousities and concerns while giving them an idea of what your event will be like. Ask how many years of experience they have in general. You will want to accomplish a couple tasks during these appointments. The first task is to scope out their shop, and conclude if it is up to your expectations for organization and presentation. It goes without saying their shop should pass all state and government health codes, and their staff should also abide by those health codes too. The second task to accomplish is sample their entire menu, this is the easy and delicious part! While you are sampling the menu, ask them if they have any suggestions for your specific wedding.

The last thing you will want to cover before you end the meeting are their rates. If you have the right candidate in mind, produce a contract to have both parties sign, and place the appropriate deposit to render services. Once all the intensive details are taken care of, you can look forward to the flavor-packed gustatory heaven that your wedding dinner cuisine will be!