Wedding DJ's

You want your wedding reception to really rock. You want to make sure that your guests are talking about it months after the event. The problem is that hiring a wedding DJ is fraught with pitfalls. Just because someone advertises themselves as a wedding DJ does not mean that they are of a high quality and could be considered a professional. Of course, that is what you need for your wedding, a true professional. To help you parse through the hundreds of wedding DJs in the Louisville area, you will want to make sure your meet with potential DJs and interview each one thoroughly. What you find out at the interviews will lead you to the Wedding DJ that you should have at your wedding reception.

We can't say this strongly enough. If you aren't able to sit down and interview a potential DJ, then they should not be considered to be your wedding DJ. You must have a nice long talk with a candidate and get to know them a bit before you can make an informed decision. And remember, its not just about the details that you find out by asking questions. Its the feeling you get as you are conversing. Is the person you are interviewing actually likable? Or do they come across as arrogant and full of themselves. If they do, we suggest moving on to the next candidate. Your wedding is far to important for you to put up with an attitude.

Talk about your wedding date and if they have it open on their calendar. A lot of people don't realize that being a DJ is about much more than just playing music. If you want the DJ to be your emcee as well, ask them if they have acted in this role before. Ask to see a DVD of a performance or two at a recent wedding. Ask them what kind of sound equipment they use. Write down the names they give you so you can research whether it is professional equipment.

Make sure you talk about what is included in any packages they offer. You don't want a situation where everything is considered an extra. They should offer a package that satisfies almost everything you want. For example, talk about the set up and tear down duties, are they included in the total price they will give you? Are they willing to make a site visit with you ahead of time so they can figure our the best place to setup and how to handle the room's acoustics.

Talk a lot about music. Do they have a standard set list that they like to play? Can you add and delete form that list? Are they willing to accept requests from your guests. Do they offer any other services like a light show? If so, does this cost extra? If you haven't brought it up by now, ask them about how they got started. Is being a DJ a passion for them or is it just a gig? How many years have they been a DJ and more importantly, how many weddings have they done in the past year? Don't take a chance on a newbie for such an important day in your life. You want a polished professional that knows how to handle different situation and provides the crowd with the time of their lives.