Wedding Dress Shops

It is one of the greatest shopping trips you will ever take in your life. The search for your wedding gown. There will be some smiles and there may be some tears along the journey, just make sure that you don't find yourself screaming. With all of the other preparations going on, there is a certain way to go into a wedding dress appointment that will make it more profitable for you in terms of learning more about what you need and want and at the same time, being able to know when you have found “the one.” The Louisville area has some very fine bridal salons for you to check out. Just make sure that you show up with clippings, wedding worthy undergarments, and a list of questions to ask the consultant at the salon. We can't help you with the former, but we certainly can help you with how to start your search for a salon and once you get there, the questions you should ask.

The first question you probably have is when to start your search for a bridal salon. We recommend that you start your search at least 10 to 12 months before your wedding day. The reason for this is how long it takes for the dress to be delivered and then sent out for alterations. Another great question is how do you know if a salon is reputable. You best way to check on any salon is to look them up at the Better Business Bureau. They will have a rating and they will be able to tell you if there have been any complaints from customers. You can also read online reviews.

When you call a potential salon, ask them how many years they have been in business. Also, ask how experienced their consultants are. A knowledgeable and experienced consultant will be invaluable to you during the entire process. If a place only has new hires, pass them by. While you have them on the phone, find out if you need an appointment to check out bridal gowns. Also, how long will your consultation be or can that vary? Remember, you won't just be looking at dresses but you will also be selecting a veil, headpiece and accessories. Ask if there is a limit to the number of guests that you bring to the consultation. We recommend that you only bring a couple of trusted advisers, this can make the experience a lot less stressful.

In terms of price, make sure that you provide your budget to your consultant as soon as you get to the salon. This way, they will only show you dresses that are in your price range. Find out if alterations are included in the price. This will help you when considering a dress with your budget. Also, ask if they do the alterations at the salon. If possible, this would be the optimal situation for you. The less the dress travels, the better. How many fittings do they think you will need? Ask them if you can work with the same fitter each time, this can really help with consistency. Finally, when you find something that you really like and a salon that seems to cater to your needs in a professional way, ask how the payment process works. Do they require a deposit? Of course, then you want to get everything in writing including how long it will take for your dress to arrive. We wish you well with the process of finds a great salon and your dream dress, remember to enjoy the process as much as possible.