Event Rentals

Your wedding plans include numerous items for both your ceremony venue and your reception venue. It is a very long list and if you are in charge of coming up with these items, then you will need to start searching for a rental equipment company. Just think about some of the items you will be needing: tables, chairs, linens, arches, silk plants, silverware, china, and much more. If you can find a one stop shop, it would be much more efficient for you. You need to have an idea of what you will be needing before you meet with any potential event rental company. We suggest that you jot down a list along with the particulars of your wedding like the number of guests, venue locations, etc. The Louisville area has some very reputable equipment rental companies for you to consider. You want to make sure that the company you end up going with is a good match for your style and what you need. Here are the questions that you will want to ask any rental company before you hire them for your wedding.

When you meet with a representative from any rental company you are considering, ask them if you can see images of a recent wedding they provided items for. This can really help you in a couple of ways. One is you will be able to check out the quality of the items that they rent and whether it meshes with your style. The other thing these photographs might do for you is to inform you about items that you will need for your wedding that you may night have thought of. Also, make sure that you ask any rental company that you talk to for references if past clients that you can contact. We recommend that you call these former clients and have a good chat about how they were to work with and if there were any red flags that popped up during the process.

When you meet with a potential rental company, see what they have in stock that matches up with the décor that you have in mind. See how much they will help with the design process as well. Some rental companies are willing to be a big part of helping you put together a room. Here is something important to remember though. If you take a tour of their warehouse and you don't see much that you like in the way of décor, don't feel pressured into going with that company no matter what they may say. One more plus that you might not have thought about. If you are still seeking one of your other wedding vendors, then you can always ask the rental company you end up going with if they have any recommendations. If they have been in this business for any time at all, they have probably worked around every type of wedding vendor imaginable.

Inevitably, your conversation will come down to price. Have your budget number in mind and don't stray too far from it unless you feel that they are offering you something that is worth any extra cost. If you can live with the number they give you and if you feel confident that this is a reputable company that will provide quality services to you, then it would be really hard to be that.