Wedding Invitations

When it comes to planning a wedding, it requires a good amount of organization and detail. Perhaps there is nothing that embodies those values in the wedding planning process more than the invitation cards themselves. It is so important to take time with this aspect of the process, because you do not want any costly errors to occur at any point in regards to the cards. It may seem a bit of a challenge to handle, but do not fret, because Louisville has all the tools you need to get the task done from professional stationers, calligraphers, and print shops too! We have a guide that should help you make the process of selecting your invitation cards much smoother.

The first step is to begin researching card styles. It will help to have a mental image of the preexisting style and colors of the venues reserved for the reception and ceremony in order to match those qualities to your wedding invitations. You will discover that wedding cards come in all sorts of styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and envelopes. In general, however, traditional wedding cards are rectangular in shape, measuring around four and a half inches by six and a quarter inches. The costs of producing and shipping the cards will fluctuate in value depending on the dimensions of the card, so just pay close attention to that detail.

The dimensions and style are not the only aesthetic qualities that you will have to consider in regards to your wedding cards. Perhaps the most important aspect is going to be the information that you will print on the card, and subsequently, the typeface or font that you choose to print it in. There are several invitation card wording guides on the internet, in particular, wedding guide or wedding directory websites. It is important to not crowd the card with nonessential information, only focus on the crucial aspects of the event such as RSVP information, date and time, location, dress code if applicable, and the couple to be married. It may be worth it to consult a professional to advise you in areas in which you need suggestions, or to take the process off your hands entirely.

Now that you have a proof of your cards, you will want to have a friend, colleague, or bride's maid proofread it for any errors or to make suggestions for items of information. It is imperative to have complete accuracy with grammar and spelling. It is wise to be certain that the cost of producing and shipping the cards will not burst your budget before you go ahead and place the master order. Be sure to get a count of households and individual guests, so you are not mailing extra cards for multiple guests staying under the same roof. It is also advisable to order extra cards in case of any error, and be sure to double check the addresses and if you have the appropriate amount of postage for each package. Once the details are all neatly handled, then you can sit back, and wait for those RSVP's to roll in.