Makeup Artists

There is nothing like being pampered at any time. Add to that the fact that it is the joyous occasion of your wedding and it even makes it more fun and exciting. Of course, you want everything to be very special on your wedding day so you definitely want to hire a makeup artist. You are probably wondering how much it will cost to hire a professional. Well, besides finding out price, there are some other issues that you need to consider before you make any decisions. In order to help as much as we can, below we have provided you a number of questions that you will want to make sure to ask any potential makeup artist so you will make an enlightened decision and in the end you will hire the makeup artist that is the right fit for you.

The Louisville area has hundreds of makeup artists. But they are not all for you. Do a Google search for “makeup artist in Louisville area.” Start looking at some of the websites and pay attention to what they say their expertise is in. You should see wedding makeup artist at some point. If they look reputable and their portfolio shows makeup styles that mesh with your desires, give them a call. If they tell you that they have your wedding date open on their calendar, then setup a time to interview them. One of the first questions should be about their style. Ask them how they would describe their style. Most makeup artists tend to gravitate to a certain style and you want to make sure that this is close to your style.

Do they specialize in bridal work or do they do all kinds of different subjects for different reasons? You will want to make sure that they have quite a bit of wedding experience. Have a talk about what brands and makeup products that they favor. The person you work with should use higher end products, anything less than this you should bypass. Find out how they sanitize their products especially their brushes. This is an important issue so take it very seriously. Of course, you will want to talk about their background in terms of training and experience. Hiring someone with a lot of wedding experience can be a huge plus because they understand all about the nerves and stressfulness that can exist and they will know how to handle the situation. Ask for references that they have worked with in the past. Give them a call and find out how things went. Ask them if they have a cosmetology license. Discuss what can be done to make you look great in photographs as well as in person.

You will have a trial run through before your actual wedding day. Make sure that the artist that you interview is going to be the same artist at your trial and at your wedding. You don't want any surprises. And speaking of your trial run, find out if you can try different looks at that time. Also, when you find the look you like at your trial run, how do they remember that look so they can recreate it on your wedding day? When you are satisfied with one of the people you interview, book them. The good ones get booked fast.