Wedding Officiants

Without a doubt one of the most important components of your wedding is the officiant of the ceremony. Whoever is honorable enough to have these duties bestowed upon them must carry themselves in a professional manner because of how much influence they wield over the tone of the proceedings. It then follows that this person needs to be mature, respectful, elegant if necessary, and they need to treat you and your guests with dignity! This task may trigger some anxious feelings, but as long as you trust your instincts, your officiant will do the job admirably. Louisville has a variety of options available to you depending on your type of ceremony. If you need an officiant, we have some steps to complete below that may help you in your search.

The first step is to decide on what type of ceremony you want to hold if you have not already done so. If you are holding a religious ceremony, and do not already have a cleric or church that you have been going to regularly for your whole life, you do not need to worry, it should be pretty straightforward for you. Search up houses of worship in your area that are closest to your denomination or beliefs, and schedule an interview with each head clergyman or woman. You will want to get a scope of the location, provide your vision for your wedding, acquaint yourself with the head cleric, and inquire about the specific religious rules regarding marriage ceremony in each house of worship.

If you are planning on having a secular ceremony, you have two different route you can go down to achieve your goal. One option is to hire a Justice of the Peace, which is a court official. You can obtain a list of these officials from your local county clerk's office, where you can pick up your marriage license, too. You should also consult online wedding directories, as they may have reviews, bridal testimonials, and contact information on potential officials. Set up appointments with the candidates available on the date of your wedding that are closest in proximity to you or the location of your ceremony.

Another option for a secular ceremony, which is rising in popularity, is to select a family member or friend to be the officiant for the wedding. There is no surprise that this is becoming such a increasingly employee option, because there simply is not anyone you can gain that level of trust and comfort with in such a short amount of time. The most important factor in your decision will revolve around how comfortable you are with the officiant. If you feel as though your friend or family member can handle the duties with professionalism and maturity without making an inappropriate joke or remark during the ceremony, you can obtain a temporary official status from the government, or you can become an officially ordained minister via the Universal Church of Life on the internet.

Remember the key aspect of this is that you will need to trust this person! Trust your instincts, if you do not foresee a comfortable level of trust and communication with this person, it is advisable to consider a different candidate.