Tanning Salons

Wedding bells are ringing. It is a time of fun, frivolity, excitement, and anticipation. This is a time to look your absolute best. You are going to look great in your formal wear. You are also going to be primped to the nines as you get your hair done and your makeup professionally applied. The only thing left to do is to put on a nice tan that will contrast beautifully with your wedding dress. To help you get that golden skin, you will need to find a tanning salon that you trust and that will provide for you what you really want in terms of your skin. To help you in your search, we have provided a guide of sorts that will help you when you visit some Louisville tanning salons.

There are a lot of questions that constantly swirl around the process of tanning. Much of what people know about it are myths and misconceptions. We know you will feel better about getting it done the more that you understand about how it works. Tanning beds actually use ultraviolet light. When you get into a tanning bed, the lamps promote the production of melanin, a pigment that makes you look tan. Understand that tanning at a salon is safe as the beds filter out the level of UV light that is harmful. When you start to search around for a professional tanning salon, make sure that you look for one that will keep you on a safe schedule.

Ask the staff at each salon you visit how often they suggest that you go. How long should your first visit be? If they tell you longer than 7 to 10 minutes, then cross them off of your list because they are not operating in a safe way. Talk about what they recommend that you wear when you come for your sessions. You really want to be careful if you are taking certain medication. Ask the salon personnel and your doctor if the medication you are taking precludes you from tanning. There are special lotions that accelerate and maximize tanning results. Ask the salon if they carry their own brand or which ones they recommend. Make sure that any place you go demands that you wear eye protection.

How long will it take for you to reach the complexion you desire? There is no such thing as rushing the process so don;t let anyone talk you into such a plan. Take the time you are supposed to. Make sure that the staff is constantly talking the safe route. After each tanning sessions, you should apply some kind of moisturizer. Talk to the salon consultant about which one would be best. Does the salon seem to run professionally? Look up feedback online about specific salons that you check out. Also, ask them for references and call each one up to discuss their experience. And make sure that the price is right of course. While you will spend a lot of money on some of your wedding vendors, you shouldn't have to break the bank for your tanning sessions. We hope this guide gives you some things to think about when you search for a tanning salon that will make you safely look your best for your big day.