Wedding Venues

A great venue can make for a great reception. All you are asking for is great value and on your wedding day, you certainly deserve it. To help you in your search throughout the Louisville area, you can use the questions we have provided below as a guide in finding and booking a wedding venue that will have everyone unwinding and enjoying through the evening.

We recommend that you be flexible with your wedding date. The reason for this is that many of the better venues get booked really early. If there is a particular location that you are really interested in but the date you had in mind for getting married is already on their calendar, consider moving it up or back a week if there is really no significance to the particular date. If there is something really special about a particular date, then we suggest you start looking for your venue really early, as early as 12 months before your date.

When you go on your site visits and you have a chance to interview the venue personnel, you will want to bring up how many guests you will have at your wedding. Ask them if the location can accommodate this number. Are there adequate bathrooms for this number of people? Are there enough parking spaces? If there are not, a lot of times a venue will try and talk you into renting shuttle vans or buses. We recommend that you stay away from this option if possible. It is costly and can be a really big hassle.

When discussing the rental fee, make sure that you understand what is included. Sometimes there are hidden fees and this is something that you will want to sniff out right away. For example, there are some venues that will give you a rental fee but one thing they neglect to mention is that the fee does not include setup or tear down services. Keep this in mind if the quote they give you at first is low. Another issue related to this are items like tables, chairs, linens, china, silverware, and glassware. Find out if all of these are part of your bottom line price or if they are an extra rental fee.

You will want to ask about setup time for your various wedding vendors. Find out when is the absolute earliest time that your vendors will be able to get in to setup. This can be very important for you and for your florist, cake maker, caterer, and band. If the time they tell you does not seem like its early enough, ask if there is anyway that you can possibly get in earlier and if you have to pay to do so. And speaking of time, find out what time you have to be done. If you want to stay longer, what would the fee be?

In relation to catering, find out if there is a preferred vendor's list and if you have to select a caterer from that list. Sometimes you might get a discount from these vendors so ask about this. If you are able to bring in another caterer from the outside, ask if there is a fee to do so. After you find out all of this great information, go home and make a decision. Ask yourself which venue had your best interests at heart and seemed really intense about serving your needs.