Wedding Photographers

Two months after your wedding day, what tangible items will still exist of that day? Your wedding rings, your wedding dress, your memories and your wedding pictures. So, the stakes are high. Making sure you hire the right photographer for your wedding is imperative. We suggest that you do not rush into anything. The Louisville area has numerous quality photographers, some may be perfect for you and some may not. Take your time, make sure you do some intense research, and then evaluate your options based on a number criteria. Our aim is to advise you along the way.

One of the first questions you need to decide is what kind of style you would like your wedding photography shot in. Some people believe in more traditional photography which would include a lot of posed shots. There are many wedding photographers who have stepped outside of this box and now shoot in what is called photojournalism style. This is more of a news reporting style which documents and tells the story of your big day. This is not to say that this kind of photographer won't still take all of the posed shots that you want, but there is much more of a timeline affect. Decide which one sounds like something you would like.

Any photographer that you meet with should be open to listening to your thoughts and ideas. If there are some shots that you absolutely must have taken at your wedding, any professional should be able and willing to accommodate you. After all, this is your wedding and you are paying big time for their services. Make sure you ask to see a set of pictures taken at a recent wedding. Anyone can put up the best of the best in a portfolio, but you want to see how the candidate thinks from start to finish.

When interviewing any potential wedding photographer, ask them what places them above any other candidates you would interview. Have they been awarded any special certifications or awards that sets them apart from the crowd. Another key question to ask is what their backup plan is. If they fall ill on the day of your wedding or get into a car accident, are their reinforcements they can call in. What kind of equipment do they use? Make sure you write down the names and models so you can do some research on them when you get home.

How does the candidate feel about your guests taking pictures at the same time as they are? Be careful and sensitive about this one because lets face it, sometimes Uncle Harry gets a bit irritating with his know it all attitude. So, you may want to ask any guests that you feel will might cause problems in this way to back off a bit. Once the wedding is over, when will you receive your pictures? If they tell you any longer than a month, move to the next candidate, that is just unacceptable. There is one more important issue that we have not discussed but which is extremely important. Make sure you like a potential photographers personality. Ask yourself how they would treat your guests. If all of the above is kosher, then ask to have a written contract made up, sign it, and get ready to make some memories.