Wedding Planners

The first step is to formulate how much work you need to get done to achieve your dream wedding, which will determine the capacity of work you will need out of the planner you want to hire. Depending on your budget and needs, you will have three options to mull over. One option is to hire a full-service planner to handle everything from booking venues and vendors, to choosing décor and arrangements working on the basis of the vision you shared with them. For the woefully inexperienced and short-of-time, the full-service planner is the type best suited for you. The second option is a partial service planner that will advise you on the best vendors and venues, or will help you with specific duties you are incapable of handling. The third option is a “day-of coordinator”, which will start working about a month ahead of the date of your wedding, and will be crucial if you are swamped towards the end of the planning, and need help coordinating everything. Regardless of the capacity you will need out of your planner, you will find yourself actually saving money by hiring a wedding planner in retrospection.

Once you have established what sort of planner you will require, you start asking friends and family who have recently been through the same process. You will find online wedding directories to be useful in this regard, too, as they carry plenty of information on planners regarding pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, etc. You should have certain details such as approximate number of guests, the preferred date of the marital tango, and the vision of your dream wedding. Call up each candidate that you happen to be interested in and ensure that they're able to perform services during this time. If a particular candidate is available, but seems a bit too busy to spend the amount of time you are expecting them to, then it is advisable to consider someone else.

You will want to come prepared with questions for each candidate, pertaining to business and personal subjects. You will want to ask them of their experience, and how many weddings they coordinate on a yearly average. You should also ask for a sample invoice of their costs, some charge by the hour, percentage, or a flat rate. It is super imperative to trust this person, and be able to communicate with them without issue or hesitance. It is your wedding, if this person does not have your exact vision in mind, or is not receptive of it, do not consider them, because they will not be sufficient at their duties. Once you've made your decision, write up a contract, and make sure every detail regarding the services is outlined in the paperwork. If you have done your diligence, do not worry, this wedding planner will make your life a whole heck of a lot easier!