Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make our services easy to understand for you who come for the first time to get luxury transportation services, we have summarized here the most common questions our clients ask us. This information can result in a better understanding of what we do and the limits of our services, as well. Therefore, we are glad to present to you the popular and general questions. If you still have questions and couldn't find what you were looking for here, please call us and we will gladly guide you.


We have nothing to hide from you. We will tell you everything you need to know and everything you want to know. We don't demand more money before starting your run. The only other charges you may come across may be something like a cleaning fee for leaving the bus extremely dirty or a damage charge if something if damaged.

You can get a quote or book your reservation by giving us a call at any time day or night - we're here 24/7 for your convenience! Just answer a few simple questions about your event (such as date, time, and number of passengers) and we can give you a quote and set up your reservation!

Once you make your reservation and pay the deposit, you cannot cancel your reservation. You cannot change the date of your reservation. Depending on availability, you might be able to change the time or the size of the vehicle.

You don't have to tip your driver but it's greatly appreciated. You should tip on how well you liked the service they performed. Didn't like it, don't leave them a tip. They are tipped about $50-100 when they do get tipped.

That's okay, if you are having fun, continue with that fun. You won't be charged a high fee for going over your time. You are charged your normal rate divided up in 15 minutes. For example, your hourly rate is $100, and you go over 40 minutes, you'll be charged an additional $75. This way you are not paying for time you don't use.


General Questions

Can I drink on the limo?

You can drink on the vehicles. We don't supply you with alcohol so you'll have to bring your own. There are coolers with ice to keep your drinks cold. If there is anyone who is under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicles.

What sort of features do your limos have?

Our vehicles feature custom features including plush leather seats, gorgeous hardwood floors, accent lighting, bar areas, custom sound systems, flat screen TVs with DVD players, and connectivity for both CDs and iPod!

How many people can I fit in your limousines?

Our limousines vary in size so we're sure to have something for you no matter what size your group is! Just give us a call and we'll be happy to tell you what we have available for the day of your event!

Can we smoke in the limo?

You can't smoke on our vehicles. Our vehicles stay fresh and clean for all of our costumers to enjoy. You get unlimited stops so you can take a smoke break when you need one. Simply tell your driver and they will pull over when it's safe to do so.

Can children come with us?

Children can come on the vehicles. There are no seat belts though to hold them down so keep that in mind. If there are those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicle. That includes having just one 5 year old flower girl, there can't be one drop of alcohol on the vehicle.

Can we bring food with us?

Of course you can! Try not to make a huge mess though with the food. Some things can get sticky messes everywhere. If there is a huge mess to clean up, you might be charged a cleaning fee.

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