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Here at Limousine Louisville we believe that limousine service should not only be luxurious, but should be affordable to all those who happen to be seeking it out! That's why we offer unbeatable deals on our lavish Louisville limousine rentals, and we'll be glad to let you in on some more details.

As you may have noticed, we don't have prices on our site. We do this because our prices are always changing. Depending on the cost to keep up buses in excellent shape and the price of gas, the price may raise or lower. To avoid confusion, we don't put the prices on our site. Instead, we want you to call us so that we can give you the exact price of what the reservation would be. That way you'll get the exact price of how much it will cost and not an estimate.

There are times where the price is higher and times where it's lower, and we'll be glad to let you know about these times for your convenience. We have a peak time during wedding and prom season where are prices are higher. Holidays are also higher than the rest of the normal days. Weekdays have lower pricing than weekends, with Saturdays being the most expensive day. So if you have a choice of when to have your event, you'll save the most money during a weekday.

Free quotes any time!

Give us a call any time day or night and answer a few quick questions and get a quote for your specific celebration! Please have the following information available for accurate and efficient Louisville limo quotes: Date of event, time and location of pick up, length of rental, number of passengers, and time and location of drop off. And don't forget to let us know the type of event you're requesting service for so that we can let you know if we have any specials running or any event packages available!

Let us know:

  • Date of your event
  • Start and end time
  • Pick up & drop off location
  • Number of passengers

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Let us help you plan and get to reality your dream event in Louisville, KY. We have the experience and the vehicles to make your dream come true when it comes to the transportation side. And the best part is that you don't have to break the bank to hire our limousine or party bus services!

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